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Whole Value


I just found this community.  It looks inactive, but let's see.  I recently read a really good comment about object on the fit-dev mailing list.  Ward Cunningham was speaking about a particular aspect of the framework and had this to say:

In a little project it would be nice if the built-in types were all you needed. But in a big project, you are probably already creating infrastructure for application specific type conversion for the values used in your domain.

People who don't get WholeValue will read lots of little integers and strings from lots of little fields and let the business logic assemble them into meaningful values. But that is a foolish way to program when you have objects. Better to make domain type aware widgets store whole values into domain objects and write the rest of the business logic at that level of abstraction.

I think one reason that people don't get Whole Value is that they are database centric and their database makes them chop their domain values into lots of little integers and strings to store them. I see people refuse to use the abstracting capability of their language and then say that objects don't really work that well.

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