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Not too useful, but an observation

Last night, while trying to think of something interesting to post here, I was thinking of MVC, again. Anyone who knows me will know of my various concerns with the MVC paradigm since there are a few conflicting interpretations out there, and they are probably causing a lot of unneeded aggravation. However, that is a topic for another post (or 10).

I was thinking that MVC is actually a representation of a Turing Machine: there is a Controller (input tape), Model (internal state), and View (output tape).

Although I mostly think that this is nothing more than an interesting observation, it could have meaningful uses. For example, something not defined by any interpretation of MVC is the issue of inter-connection between components beyond the one set. Most of the time this can be one Controller working with several Models and Views. I wonder if this idea of TMs could be applied to design the relationships between many Controllers. That would mean that Controllers would have to be set up as if they were the Views for other Controllers that they were interested in (the same way that the output tape of one machine is made as the input to another).

I don't really think that this is the best way to think of it, but it seems interesting that something as abstract as a design paradigm may define enough to be reducible to the fundamental component of logic (a TM).

Just something to think about,
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